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Re: [IPk] Re: Soft-sense Meters

>As Carmel says, it is bulkier than current meters on the market, but it has a
>combined lancet and test strip inside so that all one needs to do is load a
>test strip, hold the meter against your arm or any other place you fancy
>testing, press the button and the meter will prick the skin and draw up a
>tiny amount of blood and then give a result all in one step.

I found some photos and short review at


(in the US it seems to be called the Sof-Tact) and - yes - it is  l a r g
e. My guess is that this product is aimed at people with limited manual
dexterity, or partially sighted. Don't know.

The Therasense FreeStyle is mentioned on this page as well - that's another
small meter that uses a miniscule amount of blood (think pin-heads). I
heard from Disetronic (who market the FreeStyle in Europe) that they do not
plan to sell the FreeStyle in the UK, since the strips are too expensive
for the NHS :-(

I was interested to see that the Soft-Sense is designed to draw blood from,
say, a flabby bit of forearm. Therasense recently sent out a warning to
German doctors (regarding their FreeStyle meter) that if you don't use
fingertip blood, in some people there is a risk that the blood may be "old"
so it may not reflect your latest true bg. I've no idea how significant
that really is...


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