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[IPk] Re: Soft-sense Meters

Has anyone seen the new soft#sense meters being launched in the Autumn?
They are aimed at people who need to preserve their fingers and mention
healthcare professionals  computer users and musicians in their
literature. They are quite bulky but I would still be very interested as
my fingers get so sore  Carmel

>From: John Neale <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: [IPk]
Infection and high bg >Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 13:39:04 +0200 > >Does
anyone else here ever get a v. high bg a day or two *before* going >down
with a bug - like a cold or a sore throat? > >I woke up last Tuesday
feeling fine. Bg was 11.1 which is a little high, >but not dramatically.
I corrected with 2 units (Humalog). Had my usual bowl >of Bran Flakes
with 3 units. Checked my bg again mid-morning - 16! Washed >my hands and
checked again, 17!!! I temporarily disconnected my infusion >set and
bolused 0.5, and saw the insulin coming out, so that was fine. But >for
good measure, I injected a 3 unit correction bolus. I was working from
>home that day, so I took my 16 month-old son out for a play in the park.
By >2pm my bg was still 13. Later in the day, things settled. > >That
night, my son went down with a nasty vomitting bug. The following >night
my wife had it too. And the next day I went down with it. > >Is it
possible that the persistent high on Tuesday was caused by my body
>gearing up to fight a virus attack that finally erupted on Thursday? A
sort >of early warning? > >I'm feeling a lot better today, btw, but I am
still "taking it easy" - and >I'm still running a 50% increase in my
basal rate. > >John > >PS For the voyeuristic among you, my bg results
are "archived" at > >http://www.webshowcase.net/diabetes/archive/ > >--
>mailto:email @ redacted >http://www.webshowcase.net/johnneale
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