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[IPk] Infection and high bg

Does anyone else here ever get a v. high bg a day or two *before* going
down with a bug - like a cold or a sore throat?

I woke up last Tuesday feeling fine. Bg was 11.1 which is a little high,
but not dramatically. I corrected with 2 units (Humalog). Had my usual bowl
of Bran Flakes with 3 units. Checked my bg again mid-morning - 16! Washed
my hands and checked again, 17!!! I temporarily disconnected my infusion
set and bolused 0.5, and saw the insulin coming out, so that was fine. But
for good measure, I injected a 3 unit correction bolus. I was working from
home that day, so I took my 16 month-old son out for a play in the park. By
2pm my bg was still 13. Later in the day, things settled.

That night, my son went down with a nasty vomitting bug. The following
night my wife had it too. And the next day I went down with it.

Is it possible that the persistent high on Tuesday was caused by my body
gearing up to fight a virus attack that finally erupted on Thursday? A sort
of early warning?

I'm feeling a lot better today, btw, but I am still "taking it easy" - and
I'm still running a 50% increase in my basal rate.


PS For the voyeuristic among you, my bg results are "archived" at


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