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Re: [IPk] editorial in BMJ on UK postal code blackspots


Thanks for sharing that with us.

It is very depressing, isn't it? I gave up after I read that you will lose 
14 years of your life if you're diagnosed at 14 (I was diagnosed at 18).

I think I will just try to think positive, look after myself, test 
regularly, see doctors, exercise, eat properly, and hopefully do the best I 

If I read the whole article I think I would just give up now!


>From: "Elizabeth OShea" <email @ redacted>
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>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IPk] editorial in BMJ on UK postal code blackspots
>Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 10:08:29 +0100
>There's an editorial in the BMJ which discusses mainly type II diabetes, 
>does restate the link between poverty, care and life expectancty. In part,
>it says:
>Roper et al present a depressing snapshot of the prospects for diabetic
>people in the UK today, which shows diabetes to be particularly mean:
>sexist, ageist, and with a clear tendency to kick the underdog (p 1389).1
>Of their 4800 diabetic subjects, a quarter died during the study's six year
>spanan overall mortality about 2.2 times the national average. Those who
>developed diabetes youngest had their lives shortened the most: life
>expectancy was reduced by nine years for those diagnosed by the age of 40
>but by only one year for those diagnosed at 80. Women diagnosed between 55
>and 65 years of age lost two more years of life than did men. Finally,
>mortality tracked closely with socioeconomic deprivation, rising steadily
>from 1.3 times the national average in districts with the most affluent
>postcodes to 2.3 times in the poorest.
>The link to the full report:
>      http://bmj.com/cgi/collection/diabetes
>Diabetes black spots and death by postcode
>      Gareth Williams
>      BMJ 2001;322 1375-1376
>Excess mortality in a population with diabetes and the impact of material
>deprivation: longitudinal, population based study
>      Nick A Roper, Rudy W Bilous, William F Kelly, Nigel C Unwin, and
>      Vincent M Connolly
>      BMJ 2001;322 1389-1393
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