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[IPk] editorial in BMJ on UK postal code blackspots

There's an editorial in the BMJ which discusses mainly type II diabetes, but
does restate the link between poverty, care and life expectancty. In part,
it says:

Roper et al present a depressing snapshot of the prospects for diabetic
people in the UK today, which shows diabetes to be particularly mean:
sexist, ageist, and with a clear tendency to kick the underdog (p 1389).1

Of their 4800 diabetic subjects, a quarter died during the study's six year
spanan overall mortality about 2.2 times the national average. Those who
developed diabetes youngest had their lives shortened the most: life
expectancy was reduced by nine years for those diagnosed by the age of 40
but by only one year for those diagnosed at 80. Women diagnosed between 55
and 65 years of age lost two more years of life than did men. Finally,
mortality tracked closely with socioeconomic deprivation, rising steadily
from 1.3 times the national average in districts with the most affluent
postcodes to 2.3 times in the poorest.

The link to the full report:

Diabetes black spots and death by postcode
     Gareth Williams
     BMJ 2001;322 1375-1376

Excess mortality in a population with diabetes and the impact of material
deprivation: longitudinal, population based study
     Nick A Roper, Rudy W Bilous, William F Kelly, Nigel C Unwin, and
     Vincent M Connolly
     BMJ 2001;322 1389-1393


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