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Re: [IPk] Post-meal Spikes

> Thanks Di.  This is good information.  The humalog may well be
> acting too slowly,  As John suggested I am going to do a test every
> 30 mins after my bolus and meal to see exactly what's going on. 
> What I do know is that after 1 hour my BG has already risen to 10-12
> mm/l and it stays there for the next hour, only to drift slowly down
> from there. I'll confirm this with testing asap.
> My endo did suggest that I increase bolus to offset carbs and to
> later reduce the basal after say 2 hours to avoid going hypo.  I may
> try this.  But Pumping Insulin says to increase basal combined with
> lowering bolus, like you said a sort of square wave.

Sounds more like a mismatch of insulin activity time to digestion. 
You might also try bolusing earlier. For the "standard" meal, move 
the bolus time up 15 minutes earlier, then 30 and see if the 
post-prandial bg's behave better.
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