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Re: [IPk] Re: Taking the pump off for sport

> Regarding having a snack and a bolus before sport:
> Doesn't one cancel out the other so there is no effect anyway ?
> Why not simply disconnect and the additional exercise should
> counteract the temporay lack of insulin ?

Problem is that as you strenuously exercise, your muscles need a 
bunch of glucose. If there is not available insulin in the blood 
stream, the glucose can not be metabolized and the result is you burn 
fat and produce ketones. This is inefficient as well and degrades 
athletic performance markedly -- and usually results in a liver dump 
because your body is trying to provide glucose which you can't use 
anyway. Having a small snack introduces the extra insulin into the 
bloodstream and helps to prevent the confusing error message to the 
liver (hopefully). This is the theory -- you must see in practice if 
it works for you individually. It has been reported to work for 
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