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Re: [IPk] Re: Taking the pump off for sport

>Also, when you start to exercise, there are lots of different things
>happening at different times. I find that starting to exercise causes my bg
>to drop rapidly - essentially my insulin sensitivity increases - but as my
>body settles in to the exercise, "all sorts of funny things" can happen. 

Yes, I find exactly the same.  I now routinely either lower my basal to
half from 30 mins before, and eat 15g carb, or disconnect from 30 mins.
before, and eat 15g carb. I can't get away with exercise without eating
something first, because stopping the insulin any earlier means I have too
little insulin in my body during the exercise.  I could just do what John
does and eat more carbs first, but I'd need a lot more carbs that way and
I'm trying to lose weight!
Prolonged exercise is always a bit hit and miss in terms of when I should
resume my normal basal rate, or even increase it. So it would be simpler
not to mess around with the insulin, but I'm never one to do things
simple way :-)
And of course if you have to disconnect, then you have to face this issue.
It was simpler pre-pump - just eat  a load of carbs first - but it didn't
give me any better results!  In fact, keeping a steady BG during exercise
was one of my reasons for wanting a pump.

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