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Re: [IPk] Re: Taking the pump off for sport

>Regarding having a snack and a bolus before sport:
>Doesn't one cancel out the other so there is no effect anyway ?
>Why not simply disconnect and the additional exercise should counteract the
>temporay lack of insulin ?

Hi Martin -

At a very basic level, yes, what you say is true - except that the body
does need insulin in the blood at all times - even when exercising, and
even in the absense of food. As a hormone, it controls many other things in
the body.

Also, when you start to exercise, there are lots of different things
happening at different times. I find that starting to exercise causes my bg
to drop rapidly - essentially my insulin sensitivity increases - but as my
body settles in to the exercise, "all sorts of funny things" can happen. I
can't counter this by stopping my insulin, as that may take over an hour to
work, and I don't always plan my life an hour in advance :-) Also my bg
will be rising over that hour, due to lack of insulin, which makes me feel
unwell. I find it much easier to take a few glucose tablets as I start, but
leave the insulin alone.

It's not a perfect solution, as I am using food to treat my diabetes (if
you count glucose as "food" - although I tend to count it as a drug), but
glucose works faster than insulin, so I stay more in control.

Isn't exercise complicated? :-) I remember the good ol' days when I would
just eat a Mars Bar before a rugby match, and forget about the bg...


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