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Re: [IPk] Taking the pump off for sport

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, you wrote:
>Hi Wendy
>If you wear a bra with your summer dress, you can put it in there (take the
>clip and case off, and put it horizontally in the centre, or put it
>horizontally in the wide bit of the (horizontal) strap under your arm.
>I use this method most of the time in the summer.
>--------  I have tried under the arm but it is too big and looks a mess.

Yes, I don't like this method either.
But I find it fine in the centre (you have to wear the right sort of bra
>........  I have tried the thigh one and, like you, it always falls down.
>The calf one doesn't sound very good - what happens to the tube leading from
>the calf to your hip??  It would catch on things and also look a mess as my
>dresses are above the knee.  It is OK when I have my shorts on as I can clip
>the pump to the waistline.

Oh yes, it only works with a long dress! The tube just hangs down, but  it
doesn't seem to be a problem. I've even danced competitively with this and
ti worked fine and didn't get in the way at all.

 >For your bikini, how
about a waist-it thing?  >Goes round your waist a bit like a bum bag, and
hold the >pump inside.  >---------  I have also got the waist one but this
looks awful.

yes, I personally wouldn't wear it, but some people like it.

Some of these things take a bit of getting used to. I hated wearing it in
my bra at first, but now I don't think twice about it. And the only time
anyone has ever noticed it there was when I was wearing a rather low cut
top and the person was somewhat taller than me!

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