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Re: [IPk] Re: Taking the pump off for sport

>I don't know what others feel - but given that Humalog is absorbed and
>clears from the system so rapidly, I was more worried about the risk of
>DKA. Within an hour or two of being disconnected you could have zero
>insulin in your blood, causing all sorts of funny things to happen.

Yes, this is my worry too. Particularly as I usually decrease or stop my
insulin about 30 mins before I exercise. 
But I think Michael / Lily's solution - to have a small snack and bolus
before you start, makes it less likely. 
I don't think DKA is a serious worry, given that it would take a lot longer
than that - but I can certainly foresee the "all sorts of funny things
I'll let you know on Friday what happens!
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