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[IPk] Taking the pump off for sport

Hi Wendy
If you wear a bra with your summer dress, you can put it in there (take the
clip and case off, and put it horizontally in the centre, or put it
horizontally in the wide bit of the (horizontal) strap under your arm.
I use this method most of the time in the summer.
--------  I have tried under the arm but it is too big and looks a mess.

Another alternative is the leg thing.
It goes round either your calf or thigh with velcro and holds the pump in
place. I find the calf one better than the thigh one, which tends to fall
........  I have tried the thigh one and, like you, it always falls down.
The calf one doesn't sound very good - what happens to the tube leading from
the calf to your hip??  It would catch on things and also look a mess as my
dresses are above the knee.  It is OK when I have my shorts on as I can clip
the pump to the waistline.

For your bikini, how about a waist-it thing? 
Goes round your waist a bit like a bum bag, and hold the
pump inside.
---------  I have also got the waist one but this looks awful.

I wear a one-piece and just clip it on the bottom (on the hip) inside out
so the pump is on the inside. But I can see that with a bikini it might be
too heavy to do that.
I'm a ballroom dancer and it can be quite a challenge finding ways to wear
the pump with the various outfits I have to wear (especially as I don't
want it to be seen or to get in the way of dancing). I've always managed to
find a solution though.
   Minimed sell quite a
few accessories like this, as do a company called Unique Accessories
I don't have shares in either of them :-)  
............ I will have a look at this.


On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, you wrote:
>diane i have a new bra pouch that you may have if you want it.i have the 
>same problem with the
>.let me know if you want the bra pouch. i will be 
>gone 28-5th, but if i miss your response i'll find you when i get back.take 

I don't want it, but Wendy might find it useful?
it's yours if you want it, Wendy!
>.......  Thanks
I will try this one.
Sharon, contact me when you get back.


Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 12:52:52 -0800
From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IPk] Taking the pump off for sport

> Does anyone else Scuba Dive??

My 16yo daughter was certified a few months ago and has taken some of 
the advanced (deep dive) training as well. She's been a skin diver 
for 5 - 6 years. There are also several other SCUBA divers on the US 
.........  Which infusion sets are used for the divers??
When I get kitted up I put my pump in the "Sportsguard" and then into my
cooler bag.  It is a bit awkward but I have got used to it now.  

> I am having problems with where to wear the pump.  The pump is too
> heavy to clip on my bikini bottom and it is too messy to have the

Lily clips it on the bikini bottom and just lets it hang.

email @ redacted

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