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[IPk] Taking the pump off for sport

I am a Scuba Diver so therefore HAVE to disconnect my Minimed 508 before I
I do not alter any basal rates but obviously do a blood sugar test before
kitting up.  I make sure my Bg is approx. 90 - 100.  I then dive for an hour
and then reconnect the pump.  My Bg has usually risen to about 200 so I take
a bolus of 1 unit (which is my usual basal rate for 1 hour.  I then keep the
pump connected for the following hour whilst I have a surface interval and
can then disconnect for my next dive.  This works OK for me.
I use the Silouette infusion set because this is the easiest to disconnect
and I do not have any "hanging" bits of tube before the connection site!!  
I have not had any problems with pressure on the tube/infusion set yet!!

Does anyone else Scuba Dive??

I am having problems with where to wear the pump.  The pump is too heavy to
clip on my bikini bottom and it is too messy to have the tube leading up to
my bikini top!!  I have decided that there isn't any place to put it!!  When
I wear a summer dress with thin straps I cannot put the pump anywhere and it
looks a mess if I clip it on the neckline as it is once again too heavy.

I love the pump but am fed up with no-where to put it!!

(I live in the Middle East where it is HOT all the time so never wear
trousers etc.)


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