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[IPk] Re: Taking the pump off for sport

I had previously mentioned Rugby, but have to admit that I haven't done it 
for a few years.When I was playing I had the MillHill pump that was solid 
metal and the size of a small book viz you had to take it off!
I used to take it off just before playing having tested. If sugar normal 
then I found I needed 2 glucose tablets at start, 2 more at half-time and 
that usually worked fine. I certainly never had a hypo while playing and my 
sugar at the end depended on nature of game. Harder and faster = lower 
sugar. I was happy coming off field with sugar between 4 & 5. Put on pump, 
into Bar and 2 pints beer soon got things right. The key is that you cannot 
predict exactly how each game will go and therefore err on the high side. 
The exercise will do you more good than any harm from a very temporary 
highish sugar. So keep on playing and enjoying! Don't let the diabetes 
control you - you control it.

On a different subject, I had my first  visit to Guy's yesterday following 
my return from Scotland. Everything has changed a lot since my last visit 6 
years ago. The new clinic in Thomas Guy House appears very functional but 
not as friendly as the old Peter Bishop Ward in Hunt's House. The Nurse who 
took my blood test asked " and how many months have you been on the pump 
dear?" When I replied 19 years she looked rather taken aback!

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