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Re: [IPk] taking the pump off for sport

>Yes, standard operating procedure. Lily (17 next week) plays premier 
>soccer as well as varsity for her high school. The pump always comes 
>off for any contact sport. When she was younger, she would run low 
>even without her pump. Now, depending on the level of activity, she 
>will be even or need a little extra insulin later. She usually checks 
>and adjust at half time and may be either high or low. It helps to 
>have a tiny snack + bolus so you have available insulin. This helps 
>avoid the occasional liver dump when your body says give me glucose 
>NOW for all the exercise and their is inadequate insulin available to 
>use the glucose. For tournaments, the same is true, but usually her 
>basal rates need to go down by a tenth or more across the board for a 
>day or so afterwards to prevent prolonged lows.

Thanks Michael. That makes sense.
I think the small snack + bolus is a good idea.
I'll try that, with a decrease in basal rate first maybe, and see how I get
on this week. 
I hate taking my pump off but I think it is the only way to preserve it and
I guess a small high later is not too much of a problem and easily dealt
with, if it does happen.
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