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Re: [IPk] Post-meal Spikes

>Thanks for your comments, I am still thinking about them.  I don't
>think I'm running of humalog, but i do think it is slower to act on me
>and takes longer to be leave my body than is typical.  My bg climbs
>steadily after eating and seems to be quite high after 1 hour, like
>10-12mm/l after being 6 mm/l b4 eating.  It steadily comes back down
>>from the 2 hour mark seemingly and 4-5 hours later we are back to 6
>mm/l.  Yes, I think humalog is sluggish for me.

Di's detailed post gave me plenty to think about as well :-)

You mentioned that you were having major trouble with infusion sites. You
might want to inject the meal bolus, and then test intensively - say every
15 minutes for 3 or 4 hours - to find out exactly what is going on. You
have 10 fingers, each with 2 sides!

>I think my basals are fine as I took great care setting them.  However
>I will re-test them as my dear old bod may be demanding a

I believe some find their basals requirements go up and down and all over
the place for the first few months... so don't regard *anything* as set in
stone. I also find that my requirements can shift quite suddenly -
sometimes for no particular reason. So I continually keep half an eye open
for such changes.


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