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Re: [IPk] taking the pump off for sport

>  Does anyone have any experience of
> taking the pump off for prolonged periods of exercise? 

Yes, standard operating procedure. Lily (17 next week) plays premier 
soccer as well as varsity for her high school. The pump always comes 
off for any contact sport. When she was younger, she would run low 
even without her pump. Now, depending on the level of activity, she 
will be even or need a little extra insulin later. She usually checks 
and adjust at half time and may be either high or low. It helps to 
have a tiny snack + bolus so you have available insulin. This helps 
avoid the occasional liver dump when your body says give me glucose 
NOW for all the exercise and their is inadequate insulin available to 
use the glucose. For tournaments, the same is true, but usually her 
basal rates need to go down by a tenth or more across the board for a 
day or so afterwards to prevent prolonged lows.

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