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Re: [IPk] alarms

>I am new to pumps, having just started on Saline today. Does any one knoe
>whther the monimed 507/508 alarm can be switched off temporarily to avoid
>embarrasing situations amongst those not aware of the pump ?

Stephen -

I believe that is not possible sadly.

I work as a professional classical musician, and having a (507) pump alarm
going off in the middle of a performance or recording session is
potentially very inconvenient. But I also accept that not knowing that I
have received no insulin for the last 2 hours is also quite dangerous!

The upshot is that I can't use the temporary basal rate - which beeps on
the hour - during a performance, which is precisely the time when I might
want to use it. I have to reprogram my normal basal rate instead. Same
result, but I have to remember to unprogram it afterwards.


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