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[IPk] taking the pump off for sport

You may remember my dilemma a while ago about where to put the pump when
playing goalball.
After being hit extremely hard in the chest  (where the pump was) by a ball
on Saturday, I have to come to the conclusion that that is not a good place
to put it - both for my own safety and that of the pump! Given that I can't
think of anywhere else to put it that might be safer, I have come to the
conclusion that I will have to take it off.
Does anyone have any experience of taking the pump off for prolonged
periods of exercise? Someone mentioned about rugby before. My limit for not
wearing the pump is about an hour. After that my Bg begins to rise, even if
I'm exercising. Our normal training sessions last about 2 hours. A
tournament lasts all day, but usually with prolonged breaks in between

So far what I have been doing for training is to lower my basal rate to
half, about 30 mins before,for 2 hours (until 30 mins. before it finishes),
take approx 15g carb about 15 mins. before, and then take 0.5 unit after we
finish. I'm using Humalog and my normal daytime basal rate is 1.1.

So, my initial plan would be to lower the basal rate by half 30 mins.
before, then take it off at the beginning. After an hour I would then test
and I'm guessing that I will need to take a bolus at this point. However,
takign a bolus before exercise normally sends my BG plummeting. If I don't
take it, my BG will end up high. If I do, then it will drop like a stone.
I'm wondering if I should consider injecting some Actrapid before I start
the training session, and taking some additional fast acting carbs before I
start? Weird solution, I know, but I'm a bit stuck on this one. Also I'm
not convinced that I still wouldn't b hypo doing this.
Alternatively, taking a bolus of Humalog halfway through, but eating some
protein at the beginning?
  Any ideas?

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