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Re: [IPk] Re: Slightly Off Topic

>It sounds like quite an ordeal but it's not really
>that bad. I got pregnant after 4 months of treatment
>the first time and am keeping my fingers crossed that
>I am equally as lucky this time.

Susan - thanks for sharing that. And thanks to those that responded to me
privately. It seems there are as many methods for treating PCOS as there
are for treating Type 1 diabetes!

Curiously, my cousin was adamant that she wanted to do it the "natural
way", without hormones etc. I was very sceptical about this, but it wasn't
for me to say anything. My wife suggests that perhaps she has not yet
"accepted" her condition, and that can't be hurried, but will come about in
its own time. Much the same as in diabetes I suppose, where accepting and
owning your condition is half the battle to controlling it. Those that
inwardly run away from their diabetes never actually gain control. Don't
know if that makes sense.

I think she has also had a bad time in the past with the health system, and
is sceptical about following what the doctors say. I suppose I am a bad
example there: it was only when I fought the system, and said no to the
standard 3x injections a day, nice healthy diet, everything will be fine,
really... approach, and insisted on using an insulin pump, that I gained
control of my diabetes and my life.

I suppose there are no easy answers!


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