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[IPk] Re: Slightly Off Topic

Hi John

I have personal experience of PCOS, having been
diagnosed with it while undergoing fertility treatment
a few years ago. I also have Type 1 diabetes which may
suggest some kind of a link. However, none of the
doctors I have seen have ever mentioned that there is
a correlation between the two.
If it is any reassurance to your cousin, I was
eventually successful in the treatment I was given and
am currently undergoing treatment again to try and
have a second child. I was given clomiphene citrate
(clomid) to start with, which is an anti-oestrogen.
This works for most people but unfortunately I don't
respond to it.  Basically, progesterone is taken
initially to start menstruation and then clomid is
taken for a few days which should stimulate the
ovaries resulting in ovulation. If that treatment
fails then gonadotrophins are usually tried. This is
what I am currently receiving. Again progesterone is
taken to start a bleed and then gonadotrophins (I'm on
puragon) are taken by daily injections. I go for scans
and blood tests every few days to check on follicle
growth and hormone levels as there is a risk of over
stimulation and multiple pregnancies (remember Mandy
Alwood?). Once a suitably sized follicle is detected,
a drug is given to induce ovulation and the rest is up
to you.......!!
It sounds like quite an ordeal but it's not really
that bad. I got pregnant after 4 months of treatment
the first time and am keeping my fingers crossed that
I am equally as lucky this time.
This may explain why the letter to balance about
pregnancy, diabetes and fertility treatment
particularly upset me.
I do hope that this is of some help.


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