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Re: [IPk] Re: Letter & adoption

>BTW My wife and I are considering having children sometime and have
>discussed diabetes and other health issues. The risk of having a diabetic
>child is very small, and are not worried about handling the situation if we
>had a diabetic child to bring up.

Hi Trev -

I've heard many different figures thrown around about the risks of your
child getting Type 1 diabetes if you yourself have it. I've tried to verify
some of these figures, but without success - so please forgive me for
adding to the general mish-mash of unsubstantiated thrown around figures.

Stephanie Amiel gave a talk at a JDF conference in London a few months ago
in which she quoted there being a 6% (I think) risk of a child of a
diabetic father also developing it. The child of a diabetc mother runs a
lower risk of 3%. These figures only apply to the British population. In
Finland and Sardinia, the risks are apparently much higher.

We had a son, Christopher, earlier this year. He's a real sweetie. If he
gets diabetes, I will naturally be sorry, but not distraught. To minimise
the risks, we are ensuring he has *only* breast milk for the first 6
months, or until he wants solids, and avoiding cows milk for several years,
which some believe is associated with an increased risk.


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