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Re: [IPk] Re: Letter To Balance, also flying

>On a more practical level, could someone reassure me once more about
>flying - is it really entirely safe to go through the metal detectors
>etc without them in some way affecting the pump?  the only time I did
>fly with the pump, just to be sure I did insist on not taking the pump
>through the metal detector (because someone said to me just think what
>a dreadful way to begin a trip if the pump was somehow disabled) - is
>this reasonable, or should I just forget such anxieties and walk
>confidently through, pump and all, on a planned trip to the US in three
>weeks time?

Hi Nanette -

Yes, it really is safe!

I fly frequently in and out of Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, usually to
Frankfurt or Basel. I always wear my pump as normal, and usually it never
gets picked up by the walk-though screens. Occasionally it (or something
else) has triggered the detector, and when I get "frisked" they find the
pump, and have always known what it is, so that is not a problem.

At Frankfurt, they "frisk" everyone and always spot my pump, and I just say
that's an insulin pump, and they say ok.


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