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[IPk] Re: Letter & adoption

>may I just point out that parents or intended parents with diabetes are 
>exclude from adopting so this is not an option
not true! My mother has been involved with court decisions in adoption cases 
for the last errm 15 yrs, and recently (this year, January I think) had a 
case of -2- diabetics who successfuly adopted a (non-diabetic) child 
together. She did some research as to suitable arguments to use in case the 
court raised queries about the diabetes, but it proved to be no problem.

There are very few babies available for adoption in the uk, this is not an 
alternative open to many people.

BTW My wife and I are considering having children sometime and have 
discussed diabetes and other health issues. The risk of having a diabetic 
child is very small, and are not worried about handling the situation if we 
had a diabetic child to bring up.


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