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[IPk] Diabetes Update article on pumps

I'd like to congratulate Joan Everett for her excellent contribution to a
recent article on pump therapy in Diabetes Update. Joan is a member of this
list, and a pump-specialist DSN at Bournemouth.

For those that don't know, Diabetes Update is quarterly magazine produced
by Diabetes UK (as the BDA is now known) aimed at healthcare workers in the
diabetes field, rather than at people with diabetes. It's a fairly easy
read, but it gives you the inside story on what is happening in the UK,
rather than the bland sanitised version presented in Balance. Subscription
is free. Although theoretically you have to be a healthcare worker to
receive it, it appears they are quite willing to send it to you if you
email your name and address to email @ redacted

In the article, Joan describes the current successful (if limited) use of
pump therapy in the UK, and David Matthews (diabetes consultant and BDA
trustee) makes what I think is a rather flimsy attempt to play down the
success of pump therapy, claiming that people benefiting from it are "the
exception rather than the norm". He seems to overlook that fact that even
the pump manufacturers do not claim that everyone should be using a pump,
but that it should be an available option for people who really do want to
take control of their own diabetes.

If anyone wants the full article, email me privately
(email @ redacted) and I'll send you a copy.

Also another excellent article on patient power: patients are being told to
test their bg often, without being trained and encouraged to act on the
results. Talks about Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) - a skill
few people are currently taught. Sounds horribly like a call for more use
of pump therapy.


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