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Re: [IPk] Letter in Balance

>Surely  given the correlation between parents, children and diabetes, it
>would not be unwise for diabetics to at least consider the alternative of

Hi Robert -

You and Jeremy certainly offer different views from others of us here.

>Wake up! diabetes
>is a devastating disease that maims and kills (slowly),

Life itself is a devastating disease, that kills us all in the end -
whether or not we have diabetes. And you cannot "purify" the gene pool and
wipe out Type 1 diabetes by not reproducing. The pattern of inheritance is
far too complex, and not even understood.

Type 1 diabetes is calculated to knock about 10 years off your life
expectancy, and that is substantially reduced if you control your diabetes
well (by taking full advantage of the latest treatment methods like insulin
pumps), and also substantially reduced by recent major advances in the
treatment of complications.

So, while I agree that diabetes is devastating disease which I carry with
me all the time, I do not accept that it would be better if I had never
been born, which is (I think) the logical conclusion of what you and Jeremy
are suggesting.


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