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Re: [IPk] Re: Letter To Balance

At 15-06-00 14:20 +0100, you wrote:
>While I agree with you that the letter was probably
>published in order to generate debate, surely it would
>have been more sensible to have written an editor's
>comment to this effect. As has already been pointed
>out, many newly diagnosed diabetics are given copies
>of Balance to read.
>When I was diagnosed at 17 it was a great shock and I
>was very worried about how it would affect my life
>style, university life, career etc.. If I had read
>this letter I would have been devastated to think that
>diabetics should not have children.
>Obviously there are a lot of opinions regarding the
>effect that diabetes has on an individual's life. I
>can think of a lot of things that would be much worse
>than diabetes. Then again maybe I'm just lucky that I
>haven't had any complications yet and manage to lead a
>'normal' life without diabetes getting in the way too
>If Diabetes UK wish to start a debate on fertility
>treatment and diabetes they should do so openly, not
>by publishing such a sad, selfish and misguided

I agree entirely with what you say, my only reason for writing what I did 
was to try and suggest that some good (not a lot) may have been achieved by 
the printing of the letter. Until then everybody had just criticised the 
man (which he deserves) and the BDA. But in any arguement I think it best 
to look at everything from all sides.
As a trustee I will no doubt get my knuckles bashed for what follows. I 
think the current editorship of Balance is bad. One thing that happened, 
shortly after the current editor took his position was the removal of all 
diary news about local branch events. This was something that a newly 
diagnosed diabetic often found useful - to be able to contact such groups 
and get a non-medical view of diabetes. I criticised this but was unable to 
do anything. Another thing I did was to send details of pump development, 
with pictures, from the early days and a (personal) view of what pumps had 
done for me, over a long time. The photos were returned to me along with a 
letter saying that nobody would find it interesting, but should they ever 
do an article on pumps (which happened last year) the photos would be 
useful and they would use them. No contact was made before the article was 
printed and indeed I was informed that the editor did not know that there 
were two pump users, and a doctor involved in the early pump development, 
on the board, furthermore he did not know that the previous chairman (Harry 
Keen) had had anything to do with pumps. I raise this point because the one 
thing I felt the pump article missed was long term use of the pump, there 
was no reference to anybody who had used a pump for more than two years.
I agree that the format in which the letter was presented was not good, but 
hopefully it will bring many responses contradicting what the man said. 
Whether they will be published I can only suggest that if enough people 
write they will have to publish some.

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