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[IPk] letter in Balance

Having seen various comments made about the letter to do with fertility 
treatment I thought I must read it, having done so I think there is a 
possible? reason why it may have been published.
If you note at the top of the letter the heading was followed by a question 
mark, I am certain the writer did not put that there and as it has done 
amongst the IP group it has generated much discussion. I believe the letter 
may have been published for that reason, it also illustrates the kind of 
attitudes that some people have. For those in good circumstances, where all 
is well some people do not dream that others can hold such views. I am 
willing to bet that the publication of that letter will generate many 
replies (which are published I do not know), and I would not be surprised 
if some people agree with the writer.
He is obviously very selfish himself, having got two children, while all 
was well with him, I wonder how he would have responded if he had had 
diabetes at the time and was told 'sorry no children for you, you have 
diabetes'. I think (and hope) that the letter was published to show what 
discrimination to diabetics exists, even from those with diabetes. It is 
not unlike the media, you never hear about what's going on unless there's a 
Personally I have doubts about some forms of fertility that are being 
offered or suggested, such as plans to make it possible for those in their 
60s or 70s to be able to have children, the children would be the ones to 
suffer, but that is another matter.
I think John's comment about having a child even if there was a 100% chance 
that the child would get diabetes shows how diabetes affects people in 
different ways. My parents lost a child because of mis diagnosis of 
diabetes and diabetes affected my schooling, my university, my career and 
certain relationships, in different ways and I am only just beginning to 
show signs of long term complicatios (after 41 years), I would not dream of 
having a child, if I knew it was certain that the child would get diabetes 
but that is not the situation.
I hope that the letter, published as it was may generate action against 
such discrimination.
Best wishes to all,

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