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Re: [IPk] flying advice

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, you wrote:
>I'd appreciate advice on flying with the pump from Dublin to Vermont and
>back again.  It's a five hour difference in time.  I'm fairly sure I know
>how to manage it, but I'd like some expert advice to make sure!

Oooh, when are you going to Vermont, Elizabeth?

I was given some advice when I went to New York which sounded really odd at
the time, but actually worked very well.
This was to set all your basal rates to the lowest one you normally use,
from the time you arrive. Then as your body adjusts to the new time zone,
you can gradually reintroduce your original basals.Meanwhile you just take
additional boluses as necessary if you start going high (I didn't - in fact
I was actually low for most of the first couple of days, in spite of
setting everythign to the lowest rate). If you leaveyour basals how they
are, and just change the time, your body won't immediately be adjusted to
the new time, and the dawn syndrome will be hitting in the middle of the
afternoon, or something weird like that. On coming back you do the same
I guess it also depends on what your body's normal reaction is to travel,
stress, and any weird things you might be doing.travel is an odd one for
me, because it always makes my BG either skyrocket or plummet, but i can
never predict which!

As far as the flight is concerned, you shouldn't have any worries with the
Don't forget not to pack your insulin in your checked-in luggage, as it can
freeze in the hold. I remembered this as I was checking in my bag at the
airport last week, and had to open my case and delve around to retrieve it, 
much to the annoyance of everyone in the queue behind me!
I have heard that the pressure in the hold can also cause the infusion set
packaging to burst, thereby making them non-sterile, but I've never had
that problem.
Your pump will probably be fine going through the metal detectors, though
if they're REALLY sensitive it can set them off. It wont harm the pump
though. Just in case it does set off the detector, I try to make sure it's
easily reachable and disconnectable!

Hope this helps
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