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[IPk] Letter in Balance

	I found the letter incredibly offensive.  My stand on it is that if
I have children and the worst thing I pass on to them is diabetes, then I
will be very thankful.  I do wonder if Mr Henly's "perfect children" have
inherited his bigoted attitude - would be a shame for that to be passed down
would it not!  I also would be interested to see what would have happened in
Mr Henly's wife was Type 1 prior to them having children - would his
feelings be different?

	Audrey Sheal
> >HI
> >
> >Has anyone read the letter section of the most recent
> >edition of Balance? I have and I was extremely
> >outraged by the letter from Douglas Henly (Selfish
> >Pregnancy?). In his letter he comments on an article
> >in the May/June issue highlighting Geeta Patel who is
> >a diabetic undergoing fertility treatment. Mr Henly
> >claims that taking the 'proactive step of undergoing
> >fertility treatment was exceedingly selfish'. He then
> >goes on to say 'to knowingly risk passing on to them
> >such an afliction (i.e. diabetes)  is - I think -
> >reprehensible'. 
> >Isn't it sad that in this day and age such bigoted and
> >discriminative views continue to be held. There is no
> >reason why diabetics should not have healthy babies.
> >There is an increased risk of inheriting diabetes if
> >the mother is diabetic (1:50) but why on earth should
> >that be a reason not to have children. Diabetes is a
> >disease that can be treated and treated successfully.
> >It's almost like saying all children must have blue
> >eyes and blond hair.
> >I can't believe that Balance and Diabetes UK  could
> >have the audacity to print such outrageous views.
> >
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