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Re: [IPk] Re: BDA AGM

At 12-06-00 13:32 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>Having received my invite to the AGM and my voting slip I wondered;
>1. Which of the candidates for Non-medical Board of Trustees members are 
>supportive of pump therapy? Only 4 to elect!
>2. Of the two medically qualified candidates is there anything to choose?
>I guess Jeremy, we are looking to you for guidance!
>Ian Grant
Hi Ian,
While I would love to individually give advice about various of the 
candidates, to do so in this (public) medium would bring all hell falling 
on me and possibly a red (not yellow) card regarding the board. 
Nevertheless I think it is OK to advise reading some of the statements made 
by the candidates.
I note that a number of them do not mention diabetes anywhere, others talk 
about being involved with many charities, if not trustees of other 
charities. I would just suggest people question how near to these people's 
hearts diabetes is. Some candidates while not only failing to mention 
diabetes make it obvious they do not personally have diabetes, due to the 
job(s) they have done, in such cases I ask myself why they do not give 
their reason for interest in joining the board of the BDA.
It appears to me that some (certainly not all) are just looking for 
something to fill their spare time, after retirement. But I should do no 
more than suggest reading candidates' summaries. There are certain people I 
would both advise for voting for and some for voting against. Regarding the 
medical candidates I have an entirely personal reason for my choice, so it 
is best not to advise as I have met one of the candidates but not the other.
Best of luck,

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