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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #266

At 01:53 03/06/00 -0700, you wrote:
>ip-uk-digest          Saturday, June 3 2000          Volume 01 : Number 266
>Hi Carol,

I am really pleased that the pump has worked for you and I hope that
everything works out OK with getting pregnant next year.

I was not in anyway trying to say that pumps should not be an option for
people - indeed I am a great believer in choice. I do get disturbed though
for the people who are struggling with their diabetes and want or need pump
therapy but cannot get it for one reason or another. I was trying to point
out that perhaps they could, in the meantime, try a different insulin eg
pork or beef. These slower and less aggressive insulins sometimes work
better than 'human' or Humalog. 
It seems to me that all too often people are expected to achieve blood
glucose levels that are unachievable on a particular regime and little
choice is given to them, often because there is little innovative thought
by health professionals into different options. There are, in fact, quite
alot of options to be tried - 'human', analogues, animal insulins with
either conventional or MDI and with various insulin combinations and of
course pump therapy. 
To me the real issue is one of choice - there has been research that shows
that people who are given an informed choice of treatment and actually make
the choivce themselves achieve better results. Would I be right in thinking
this probably applies to many people on pump therapy?


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>Hi Jenny ,
>Let me tell you my experiences .Firstly I'm an Intensive Care nurse and
>regularly see patients with diabetic complications and the worst
>compilcations you can imagine. However this never affected me and I
>continued on MDI without ever testing my blood sugars unless I was ill or
>felt perfectly fine. My blood sugars were rarely normal even when I "felt"
>fine sometimes as high as 22 mmols.
>It was only last year when my fiance and I started talking about starting a
>family after we get married this July that I started worring .I tried for
>one week to be religious about my injections and testing doing about 5-10
>tests a day ( with massive hypos almost continuously ). I was told by health
>professionals that I would have to keep my blood sugars between 5-7 mmols
>for 6months before getting pregnant and for the duration of the pregnancy .I
>cried buckets I felt a failure and worse still I couldn't imagine how I was
>going to manage this.
>Here comes the good news I got on the trial at Harrogate and have postponed
>getting pregnant until early next year.I have the use of the pump until July
>31st and then I go back on MDI .I can tell you now I am dreading it but I
>will have a pump when I am finished .Now my only concerns are about getting
>pregnant in the first place my diabetes with a minimum 4 test a day is a
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