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Re: [IPk] Changing Basals

At 03-06-00 21:35 +0100, you wrote:
>a) how you change basals to meet changing needs and
>b) which buttons you press, in which order
>Can anybody tell me which buttons you press on the disetronic pump?
>Many thanks,

Hi Pat,
The method is to first turn the pump off (stop rather than run), by 
pressing both buttons at the top of the pump, you will hear three quick 
beeps, keep buttons pressed until you then hear a long single beep. Then 
release buttons.
Then press the third button on the front of the pump 4 times, it will 
display the total basal insulin for the whole day. Thereafter press the 
button again and it will show your basal for the hour 0-1am, each time you 
press the same button it will advance the hour shown by one hour. For any 
hour you want to change the basal rate, when that hour is displayed, you 
press one of the two buttons on the top of the pump, one increases the rate 
and the other decreases, so there is no problem if you exceed your change, 
it can be simply reversed.
The only problem is if after you have changed the rate for an hour and then 
moved on and want to change it again you have to wait until the machine 
beeps (and shows the new total 24 hour basal) (or go through every hour of 
the day again) and then start off from 00.00 again.
Finally you have to restart the machine again, by holding both "top" 
buttons down again until you get three quick beeps.
My machine is not the most advanced so the instructions may be slightly 
changed for a new one.
Cheers, Jeremy

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