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[IPk] Lancet-whangers

>It also helped that I had recently bought a new lancet-
>whanger (the SoftClix) against the advice of my clinic who said that all
>lancet-whangers were the same, and refused to let me try out the two or
>three varieties they had

Astonishing! Finger prickers are each very different. I thought that was
what healthcare professionals are paid to know. The difference lies in how
much vibration there is as the lancet penetrates your finger and then
rebounds. A cheap pricker will judder and shake a lot, causing an
unnecessaryily ugly cut in the skin, whereas the better ones (like the
SoftClix) produce very little vibration, with a clean cut - causing less
pain, quicker healing and less scarring.

I used to reuse my lancet for months, apparently without problems. But I've
now found that if I change it once a week, the fresh lancet really is
sharper and does a better cleaner cut. (The lancet also has a silcone
coating, like a razor blade, to make it smoother, and this wears off fairly


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