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Re: [IPk] Pump and sport

> >One of the main attractions was to try and stabilise my readings both before
> >and after sport.
> >
> >If one disconnects from the pump before vigorous exercise, is it impossible
> >to then have a hypo subsequently (assuming of course that your blood sugar
> >level was not bordering on hypoglycemia before) ?
> Hi Martin -
> It's a bit more complicated than just disconnecting. With no new
> insulin going in, your bg may be rising uncontrollably within the
> hour - so you'll hardly be stabilsing your readings...
> With sport and diabetes, it's quite tricky to get the bg's right,
> but it can be done. And it's a lot easier with a pump. Best if you
> can keep the pump on, but put somewhere suitably safe (I sometimes
> put mine in my underpants as a suitably safe but out of the way
> place).

For contact sports, it is sometimes necessary to always disconnect. A 
very small snack + bolus can help prevent the  high that is 
sometimes experienced by athletes due to increased insulin needs and 
subsequent glucose dump caused by the body's feedback mechinism. 
Many need extra insulin during exercise, but need very little or zero 
for a hours afterwards. This varies a lot from person to person and 
also according to the degree of activity and conditioning for the 
same individual. You must keep good notes about your body's response 
to a particular kind and level of activity to assist you with bg 
management. It is not hard to get it close to perfect, just a little 

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