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Re: [IPk] thyroid

At 02-06-00 01:47 -0700, you wrote:
>can somebody tell me how an under active thyroid affects diabetic control.
>my doctor seems to think i do not control my diabetes because i cannot
>get myHba1 below 7.i just feel guilty and do not know what to do

I was "diagnosed" as having "hypo-thyroidism" at my last visit to Guys, but 
still sub-clinical, it was the first time that I had ever heard of any 
connection with that to diabetes. When asking what it would amount to I was 
told that it was nothing to worry about because there the problem amounted 
to an under production of certain hormones and these could easily be 
replaced, by medication which does not interfere with diabetes.
Having seen Sharon's letter it would appear to be otherwise but as of now, 
some 8 months since being told of this I have not noticed any affects but 
do not know whether I am still sub-clinical or not as my last appointment 
coincided with being in hospital for a hip operation and the next one on 
offer was not for another 6 months. (How good it is to know that waiting 
lists are becoming shorter).
Jeremy Grainger

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