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[IPk] Re:Funding For Insulin Pump

Hi Ann

Nice to hear from you again. My meeting with Dave from Aberdeen went well. He
uses a Disetronic pump and convinced me (for various good reasons) that this is
the best option for me. Dr Walker at the diabetic clinic fully supports my wish
to use a pump so on that basis I have contacted the company in order to have a
free month's trial. I am now just waiting for a date to meet up with a
representative from the company and the staff at the clinic for a training
session. I think this will take place in mid to end of July.
Dr Walker reckons that I have a good case to put to the Health Authority for at
least funding for consumables. They have lots of data in my medical records
proving that despite all my best efforts I cannot control my blood glucose
levels during the night and early morning. I have a one touch meter and when I
was pregnant in 1997 the readings from the meter were down loaded onto the
computer at the clinic. These readings should help to substantiate my case. I am
also trying to get pregnant again (but am having a few problems...) and as it is
so important to have near normal BMs both prior to and during conception then a
pump would be ideal for me.
I'm just not sure how I approach the Health Authority. Should I go through my GP
or should my consultant at the hospital contact them?
Again, if anyone has any tips or sample letters that I could use then I would be
really grateful if you could share them with me.
Are you still keen on giving a pump a go Ann?


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