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[IPk] question about ketones

Hi all -

I did the Mini Marathon yesterday in one hour, thirty-eight minutes, and my
BGs were fab:  7.0 at the start, and then 6.7, 5.4, 4.0, and 4.4 at the
end.  Hurrah!

I am puzzled about something else that happened.  I had moderate keytones
during the night.  This is what happened:  at 10.23pm I was at 3.9, and I
had a slice of toast (which I knew was a bit too much) to raise my BG.
However, at 11.12pm I was at 5.8.

I set the alarm for 3am, because I wanted a test after the race, and I was
at 11.1.  However, I also did a ketone test, and it was moderate - which is
more than I have when I'm ill and my BGs are routinely around 11.  So I
wonder what happened.  Would this be a reasonable amount of keytones if you
had been low for awhile?

My theories are:  I went low and these are the amounts of ketones I get;
when I'm high these are the amounts of ketones I get and I didn't know it
because I hadn't been testing; or it's something to do with the marathon,
when I had a basal rate of zero for an hour.

All comments appreciated.  it was a bit scary to have that many ketones -
oh, and they were clear this morning, when I was at 5.9.



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