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Re: [IPk] Opera and layabouts

9-5 Job I think not, 5.30am to about 10pm and I havent had anything to eat
yet today.

I agree I dont excersie these days but it seems to me that you have missed
the point.

Basel rates are exactly that the basic rate you need to live irrespective
of the activity of lifestyle changes.

I still dont have mine quite right as I still get hypo at about 7-9pm if I
havent eaten.

The rest of the days / nights basel seem to now be spot on so I can now
start getting into training again knowing that the base level of life is
all ok.

Hope this makes sense.

>Seriously though, Natty, going back to my question about rigid schedules....
>I think you misunderstood my question. It was about whether your
>lifestyle is rigid or not, rather than whether you basal rates are
>rigid. What I was getting at was that because what I am doing varies
>immensely from day to day, in terms of exercise, stress, time I get up
>and go to bed, mealtimes (or indeed whether I eat at all) etc. John N
>is the same. So I (and I think he too) use few permanent basal rates
>but a lot of temporary ones. My guess is that you can use a lot of
>permanent basal rates because you have a more rigid schedule - since I
>think I am right in thinking you have a 9-5 type job. Eoither that or you're
>just weird but we know that anyway :-)
>Does that make sense to anyone except me?
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
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