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Re: [IPk] obsessive?

Diana Maynard wrote:
> It's weird though, I really would never have believed I had such bad
> numbers until I looked at them. The weirdest thing seems to be the
> complete absence of anything in the normal range. You'd think that if
> I was fluctuating between high and low there must be some in
> between. But it appears not. i mean, obviosuly there must have been at
> some point as it must have passed through the normal range on its way
> up or down, but I never seemed to catch it.

I used to find a "normal" bg was an instability point. So if it was 6,
that meant either I was about to go hypo, or it was about to shoot to
16. It would never sit steady at 6.

Now I regard 6 as a tiny bit too high :) :)

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