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[IPk] Balance Article

Hello all!
It seems I've been receiving this list for ages and haven't added anything -
sorry about that, been a hectic few weeks. I guess that's what happens when
you're a "weird American!" and a Ph.D. student who actually does try to get
some work done between naps.
I was really pleased to see the article in Balance but agree that the
negative points are more than a bit absurd. I am curious about the number of
blood sugars - is four really considered that many by diabetics here? When
meters first came out and I first got mine, I was told to do one before and
after every mean, when I wakeup, when I go to sleep and occasionally at 2
AM. That seems to be standard in the US. The chemical pathologist's point
about 1 or 2 basals shows typical ignorance about both computers and
diabetes - the amount of memory required for 24 basals isn't what makes
pumps expensive, the number of safety features accounts for a lot of the
cost. I'm not sure I would trust my diabetes to a cheap pump that I bought
for 50 at Boots. As far as the cost to the NHS goes, as my wife put it "Are
they stupid or what." Better control means better health for a longer period
of time which saves the NHS considerable money. Penny wise but pound
Well, I've rambled enough for one day. Just one more quick note - someone
e-mailed me about a pumper in Edinburgh who felt they were alone there.
Unfortunately, as my 'puter crashed severely a few days ago, I've lost all
of my old e-mails and contacts. Could you please send it to me again? I
would really appreciate it. And I promise to write a bit more from now on.
Dave Roberts

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