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Re: [IPk] hypos

> but I don't find it nearly as frightening as
> the people around me do. Some people who've seen me in that kind of
> state are worried sick it will happen again. It doesn't particularly
> worry me. Others may feel differently, I don't know.

While it does not happen often, people go into cardiac arrest and die 
from hypos. A 12 year old girl did so recently here in the US. I 
remember finding Lily in a bad one once. Her pulse was so thready and 
irregular that it really scared me. She was also havin a lot of 
difficulty breathing. I had visions of CPR, but she came around in 
about 20 minutes after we pumped a bunch of glucose gel into her.

I think the incidence of really bad outcome are low, but 
nevertheless, hypos should not be taken lightly
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