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Re: [IPk] obsessive?

I guess people see testing and injections as a big chore.
To me it's such a way of life I don't think twice about it.
And you're right, given the choice between doing a blood test or
having a hypo (or being high) I know which I'd pick any time!
Funny thing is, to some non-diabetics hypos seem much worse than they
are. I generally have a mild hypo a day. Most people would be quite
chocked at that. People see you having a hypo
and think you're about to die at any minute. OK, the fact that I can't
talk or move when I have a bad hypo and just sit staring into space must give the
impression that I'm not feeling great, but still....


> My best guess is that THEY have never had a hypo!! I always feel 
> guilty about asking my daughter to test. Funny thing is, she doesn't 
> think anything of it. She will test every 20 minutes if she's low and 
> not bat an eye. Maybe the doc's are on a guilt trip too.
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