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Re: [IPk] obsessive?

> Ah, but Michael, don't forget the Americans are all "obsessive
> weirdos" to coin a phrase - that's why they're on pumps inthe first
> place <vbg>.
> I think you're all right though, I should trusst my own judgement
> and stop listening to the health care professionals who think I',
> obsessive..... Anyway, given the choice between obsessive and better
> control, especially if it's going to stop my complications
> progressing, I know which one I'd pick. But that's not really the
> point. The point is why do the medical profession think that testing
> that often means you're an obsessive weirdo?

My best guess is that THEY have never had a hypo!! I always feel 
guilty about asking my daughter to test. Funny thing is, she doesn't 
think anything of it. She will test every 20 minutes if she's low and 
not bat an eye. Maybe the doc's are on a guilt trip too.
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