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Re: [IPk] obsessive?

Hi Di

I think the answer is simple, from the HCP's I have talked to in the past 
it is surprising how many do not test that often or consistently.  Some 
have difficulty in getting some of their patients to test at all.

Therefore anybody who is testing 3-4 times a day and everyday is very good. 
Anybody testing more frequently would be regarded as being unusual or 
excessive, as it outside of their experience of what most DMers normally do.


At 10:11 30/06/99 , you wrote:
>Anyway, given the choice between obsessive and better control,
>especially if it's going to stop my complications progressing, I know
>which one I'd pick. But that's not really the point. The point is why
>do the medical profession think that testing that often means you're
>an obsessive weirdo?
>Di (on her soapbox again)

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