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Re: [IPk] Balance article / FRUSTRATION / WE NEED YOUR HELP

> Could you forward the text of your letter to this list? Then we can
> coordinate who is saying what.

Dumb... dumb..dumb!  I sent it by e-mail and did not copy myself. 
What I did was address each point in the list they made of reason you 
might not want to use the pump and pointed out the erroneous 
assumptions for each point, suggesting that they might want to 
consult with some "real" pumpers about any downside. The letter was 
quite long, so if you have questions about some specific point in 
their list, I'd rather address it directly rather than trying to 
recreate the entire letter here. I don't think it matters if someone 
covers the same material. It will certainly be written differently. 
The main point is that they need to receive a "volume" of mail on 
this subject so they know they screwed up.

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