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Re: [IPk] Balance article - full text

> A lot of the medical profession in this country seem tot hink that 1
> basal rate s fine. Even my own doctor was surprised I was using more
> than one. They all seem to have missed the point. The pump is a tool
> which enables you to fine-tune your control,

Similar problems exist everywhere. The issue of refusal of treatment 
because of age, or Type I vs Type II, or having good hba1c's is all 
part of the same lack of understanding. It is a issue of education. 
The medical AND insurance community must be educated so that they 
understand the problems that people with diabetes face on a day to 
day basis, as well as the long term implications of good vs. poor 
control. That is what Insulin Pumpers is all about, continuing 
education for the entire spectrum of people involved in using AND 
prescribing pump therapy. All of us must help to spread the word. It 
is criminal that a child with diabetes must grow up never tasting a 
candybar or ice cream and then face a good probability of losing his 
or her sight, kidney failure and loss of limbs when a safe effective 
treatment that drastically improves the quality of life is available 
and cost effective compared to treating the complications associated 
with the disease.

I'll get off my soap box now.
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