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[IPk] obsessive?

OK, I know I'm weird, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm becoming
obsessive about testing and my BG results.

Quite a few people, including my doctor, seem to think I'm  obsessive
for testing 10 times a day. OK, I don't alway test that much,
sometimes it's as few as 5 times a day, but I always want to know what
my Bg is doing, and of course, correct it if I'm not happy with it. I
test religiously first thing in the morning and last thing at night,
and before meals (unless I know I'm low), and usually 2 hours after a
meal to see if I've taken the correct bolus, and usually before and
after exercise if it's not within half an hour of another test. If my
BG is high I'll check again in an hour, half an hour even if I'm
worried about it. I'll also test before something like a meetin unless
I've tested within about an hour.
gUnless there's some reason for being slightly high such as
before exercise, I'll correct anything that's above 7, or above 9
after a meal.
Does that sound like I'm getting too obsessed?
I know everyone's different but maybe I should chill out a bit and not
worry so much. Then again, at least until I've seen my A1C, I want to
make sure I'm really getting as good control as I can.


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