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Re: [IPk] Balance article / FRUSTRATION / WE NEED YOUR HELP

Michael wrote:
> > Why doesnt someone write a letter to balence from the Insulin
> > Pumpers list here, from everyone.
> I wrote them a long letter about the so called "negatives" perhaps if
> a few more letters show up from pump users in the UK, they might
> consider another more "Balanced" article.

Michael -

Could you forward the text of your letter to this list? Then we can
coordinate who is saying what.

Di -

Can I nominate you to write on behalf of this list - as a genuine UK
resident, not involved in the original article? Don't forget to mention
the joining URL: www.insulin-pumpers.org/ip-uk.shtml

I myself will write under my pseudonym - John Berkeley - looking at
pumping from a German perspective. That may strike closer to home than
comparison with the US, which is after all full of weird Americans ;-).
Given that diabetes is a serious chronic disease that will shorten the
lives of all of us, it's appalling that 2000 pounds and "it's too
complicated" is used as an excuse for people not to seek the best
possible control of this insidious disease, and in the meantime maximise
their quality of life.

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