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Re: [IPk] Opera and layabouts

> Opera may appear glamorous to the outside world... that's part of the
> show. Backstage it's filthy, dirty, exhausting, underpaid work, done by
> lazy layabouts like myself ;-)

yeah, and everyone thinks PhD students spend their time in bed or in
the pub, sponging off the tax-payer, whereas in reality we work far
harder than opera singers who sit about and occasionally open and
close their mouths <vbg>.

Seriously though, Natty, going back to my question about rigid schedules....
I think you misunderstood my question. It was about whether your
lifestyle is rigid or not, rather than whether you basal rates are
rigid. What I was getting at was that because what I am doing varies
immensely from day to day, in terms of exercise, stress, time I get up
and go to bed, mealtimes (or indeed whether I eat at all) etc. John N
is the same. So I (and I think he too) use few permanent basal rates
but a lot of temporary ones. My guess is that you can use a lot of
permanent basal rates because you have a more rigid schedule - since I
think I am right in thinking you have a 9-5 type job. Eoither that or you're
just weird but we know that anyway :-)
Does that make sense to anyone except me?

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